Headaches are a message from your body. 
Don't answer back with a pill.

Find and Fix the Root Causes of your Headaches with Stanford-Trained Neurologist Dr. Amelia Scott Barrett, MD

Dr. B teaches people how to use functional medicine and biohacking tools to relieve their headaches. Using this new science and technology,  you can cut your headaches in half in 12 weeks.

Dr. Barrett’s Tedx Talk:

The Perils of Pushing Through Your Headaches - Unveiling the Science

Did you know that Migraine is the leading cause of disability in women under 50?

So many women with migraines are "powering through..."
Gotta get the kids to soccer? Take some ibuprofen.
Work deadline coming up? Pull out the prescription meds.

I'm not judging ~ I totally get it, because  I've done those things too.

The problem is that when you get to the point where you're having 3 or more headache days a week, then your brain starts to physically change. Some areas get bigger, some get smaller, and the result is that the brain becomes “primed” to have more and more headaches... We call this process “chronification,” and once your brain has changed in this way, it’s much more difficult to get your headaches under control.

Instead of powering through, we need to listen to the pain signals and figure out how to help the brain actually heal.

Does the brain need different nutrients? Fix your gut health? Do we need to remove toxins? Rewire your nervous system out of fight or flight mode?

We can use modern lab and genetic testing to figure out exactly what we need to do in order to heal, and then we can monitor our bodies with devices to be sure we are making that happen.

Curious? Good! Click the button below to find out if you are in chronification, and what you can do about it.
~ Dr. B
Take The Headache Quiz and Learn Your Chronification Score

We apply MEDICAL SCIENCE, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY and THE LATEST RESEARCH to help you BIOHACK your brain to REDUCE your own headaches by at LEAST 50% without having to leave your home for multiple appointments and specialists.

See If You're in Chronification
Take Dr. Barrett’s HEADACHE QUIZ and understand your most immediate options to start reducing your headaches.

What is Migraine Relief Code?

Migraine Relief CodeTM is the solution you've been looking for to support rapid headache reduction.

Online Course

Each week, the Course shows you the next step in our proven 4-step process to show you how to Reboot Your Brain:
1. REVEAL which nutrients your brain needs to thrive
2. REVITALIZE with brain-healthy food and supplements
3. REMOVE toxins from your brain
4. REWIRE your brain to healthy pain processing pathways

Weekly Q&A with Dr. B

"Office Hours Zoom Call" with Dr. Barrett. This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn from the expert.

Yoga and Meditaiton for Migraine

Dr. B leads migraine-specific yoga and meditation to relieve muscle tension and stress.

Health Coaching and Heart Math Training

Jessica Thurman provides support and accountability for you on your journey, as well as Breathwork training to help you rewire your nervous system.

Discounted Supplements

20% discount on precision nutraceuticals targeted to your unique needs. You still get the discount, even when your program is over.

DNA Testing

Get the Owner’s Manual to your body, so that you know exactly where your body needs support in order to find optimal health and relieve pain.

Detox Protocols

Learn the most advanced ways to remove toxins from your body to reduce headaches.

Weekly Meal Plans

Effortlessly optimize your brain nutrition with weekly meal plans, including a grocery list, recipes, and nutrition information.
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