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Find and fix the root causes

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Developed by Stanford-

trained Neurologist

Dr. Amelia Scott Barrett, MD

Dr. B teaches people how to use functional

medicine and biohacking tools to relieve their

headaches. Using this new science and technology,

you can cut your headache in half in 12 weeks.

Powering through your headaches? Time to rethink that...

After more than 20 years as a Stanford-trained Neurologist, I'm seeing a big problem out there.

So many women with migraines are "powering through..."

Gotta get the kids to soccer? Take some ibuprofen.

Work deadline coming up? Pull out the prescription meds.

I'm not judging ~ I totally get it, bc I've done those things too.

The problem is that when you get to the point where you're having 10 or more headache days a month, then your brain starts to physically change. It's kind of like laying down train tracks that make it easier for the "migraine train" to run through your head.

Instead of powering through, we need to listen to the pain signals and figure out to help the brain actually heal.

Does the brain need different nutrients? Do we need to remove toxins? Rewire to the parasympathetic state of healing?

We can use modern science to figure out exactly what we need in order to heal, and then we can monitor our bodies with devices to be sure we are making that happen.

Curious? Good! Join me for our Masterclass so I can explain it in more detail!

~Dr. B

Have Fewer and Less

Painful Migraines

So that you can be fully present with your family

Take Less Medication,

If Any

So that you can avoid difficult side effects


Get Your Life Back

So that you can make - and keep - plans with your friends

"I appreciate you. I'm not sure what I believe spiritually/religiously, but anecdotally from my experience, the universe puts us with the right people at the right times. So I really mean it when I say I appreciate you and the role you play here. I do not think I would be in this place of wellness without you."

Jess P.

"Just needs to be said, so grateful for this new approach to migraine and healing the brain. I have a medical technology degree, and I really appreciate your explanation of why these are happening as well as why these changes benefit me in this."

Tina K.

"Almost 4 weeks without a migraine... a few headaches, but nothing like before. 90% success, I would say. And I haven't even started the supplements yet!"

Alejandra B.

"I went all week with no headache at all. I have not taken Maxalt for weeks.

This is the longest I have ever gone without a headache since I was in my teens: WOW >50 years.!"

Mary J.