Migraine is STILL the #1 cause of disability in women under 50, despite all the medications we have. That’s why I think outside the box.

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Amelia Scott Barrett, MD

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“The Perils of Pushing Through Your Headaches – Unveiling the Science”

The one thing you need to know to relieve your headaches without meds starting *now*

Did you know that your brain can physically change as a result of frequent headaches? It’s a process called “chronification,” which I’ll explain a little more in this TEDx talk. That’s why you need to find and fix the hidden causes of headaches, like nutrient deficiencies, leaky gut, toxins, and chronic stress.

What is the Migraine Relief Code™ Online Course?

Migraine Relief Code™ shows you how to find and fix the hidden causes of headaches. New tools like genetic testing and wearable health devices are changing the lives of people with headaches. We see a 55% reduction in headaches without adding a single medication! Watch the video for details.

So if I can’t fix this with medications, what else is there?


In the past two decades, we’ve learned about several “hidden” causes of headaches + migraine

“My migraines are just genetic… there’s nothing I can do about that, right?”

“I’ve heard about “leaky gut,” but is that a thing?”

“How do I know which supplements my body actually needs?”

I hear these questions all the time in my office. The science is moving so fast that even “Dr. Google” can’t keep up!

Here’s the truth: the brain lives inside your body, and when we fix problems in the body, then we reduce headaches. It’s simply not true that the only way to get rid of head pain is to take a pill.  Meds have their place, and that was certainly the focus of my training at Stanford. But since then, I’ve been interested in giving patients a larger toolbox for managing their headaches.

So, our first job is to REVEAL the causes of headaches in your particular body.   We need to run a detailed series of labs to check for nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, leaky gut, toxins like mold and mercury, chronic stress, hormones, food sensitivities, and mitochondrial function, and genetic testing.  These are the game-changers for people with headaches, especially the latter. We know several of the genes that are involved in making migraines “run in families,” and you know what?  You can support the weak pathways in your body with simple lifestyle changes that restore health to those pathways.  That results in fewer headaches.

Next, we need to REVITALIZE the health of your brain. The brain has different nutritional needs than other organs, and if we want it to heal, then we need to give it the raw materials to do so. Most people with migraines are already trying to eat to avoid triggers, but they have not yet learned how to eat to optimize brain health. It’s a different thing.

The next step is to REPAIR the gut to reduce inflammation coming into the body.  Did you know that the layer of cells that separates what’s inside your intestines from the rest of your body is only one cell thick?  Yeah… imagine how easy it is to damage those little guys. We need to help repair that layer of cells so that less inflammation comes into your body, because when that happens, you get fewer headaches.

Once the gut is repaired, then it’s time to REMOVE toxins from our bodies.  84,000 new chemicals have come into the world since the Industrial Revolution, and only 1% of them have been tested for safety. Our bodies know how to get rid of toxins, but they usually need a little help, just due to the volume of what it has to deal with.

The last step is to REWIRE the nervous system, because having frequent headaches shifts the body into fight or flight mode.  We don’t heal well there.  We can use biohacking tools to learn how to shift the nervous system into repair mode.

You can use these new tools starting now.  All you have to do is take the short quiz below and find out your Headache Score.  Based on that, I’ll  send you resources that are most relevant for your situation. You can sign up for free resources, group Online Courses, or private mentoring… totally your choice.

I really am here to change that statistic about migraine being the #1 cause of disability in young women.  I believe that we need women’s voices now more than ever, in our homes, in the workplace, and in our communities. And we need our health in order to take our places in our lives and thrive.

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