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"my life and health has definitely improved"

I just want to give accolades to this course. I am learning/have learned so very much. Because of the work I have done in here, following the course work outlined by Dr. B, my life and health has definitely improved. If you are new – welcome. I hope you get great results. It does take time and I do still get headaches. But, they are not as painful, they don’t last as long and I don’t feel as fatigued afterward. I have a new set of tools to use and a way of eating. Thanks to all my fellows in here, Dr. B and all the people Dr. B has on for us!

Erin F.

"migraines reduced more than 50%"

Thank you Dr. Amelia Scott Barrett for a life altering experience… my migraines have been reduced more than 50% and I can almost always pinpoint the cause of each migraine I get now. I look forward to the updates and continued education on reducing migraines!

Sara C.

"I appreciate you!"

I’m not entirely sure what I believe spiritually/religiously but anecdotally from my experiences, the universe puts us with the right people at the right times. So I really mean it when I say appreciate you and the role you play here, I do not think I would be in this place of wellness without you.

Jess P.

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