"3 Brain Health Supplements Worth the Extra Pill"The Flipping 50 Podcast with Debra Atkinson

Questions we answer in this episode:
05:52 Does the brain need different nutrients than other organs?
08:10 Let’s describe optimal brain health, function, mood, cognition… how does the brain work?
10:56 What is a junk food diet from the brain’s standpoint?
14:30 What are your thoughts specifically on organ meats?
16:15 What is the effect of fasting on the brain?
18:06 Where is the most brain benefit happening – what fasting window?
19:40 Do supplements affect the neurotransmitters that occur naturally in the brain?
25:57 What are the most common symptoms people get from a deficiency of vitamins important for the brain?
27:32 B12 “norms” or is there an optimal level that you want to share?
29:16 Can we get adequate nutrients from food?
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"Reboot Your Brain to Reduce Pain"The Stress to Success SHIFT Podcast with Dr. Irene Cop and Dr. Dan Cardellichio

The Stress to Success S.H.I.F.T. and Destination Health Podcasts are joining forces for this awesome interview with Stanford-trained Neurologist, Amelia Scott Barrett, MD.

Modern neuroscience has revealed how the brain heals itself, and Dr. B has translated those advances into actionable changes that we can all make in order to heal our brains and reduce headache pain.
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"The Glymphatic System and Migraine"Heads Up, the Podcast of the National Headache Foundation

The glymphatic system is a network of vessels that clear waste from the central nervous system, mostly during sleep. Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D., and Amelia Barrett, MD discuss the glymphatic system and its role in migraine, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, and other headache disorders.
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"Genetic Testing and Migraines"Unpilled with Kashif Khan

Targeted genetic testing takes the guesswork out of lifestyle changes and migraine. For example, if your testing shows that your detox pathways don't work as well as they should, then you know 100% that you need to learn how to help your body's own detox systems work better.
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"How to Optimize Brain Health"The Hippie Moms Podcast
with Becky Wells

You are going to LOVE this podcast with Stanford-trained Neurologist, Dr. Amelia. She helps us understand the most important foundations of brain health and what we can do to optimize our operating system.
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"Meditation, Neuroplasticity, Migraine, and Pain"Heads Up, Podcast of the National Headache Foundation

How can meditation help someone with migraine or another headache disorder? There is MRI data that actually shows meditation helping to heal the brains of people in chronic pain. Dr. Lindsay Weitzel talks to Dr. Amelia Barrett, Founder of Migraine Relief Code™, about why and how meditation helps us heal from our headache disorders, and how to ease into meditation if the pain makes it difficult for you to begin a meditative practice.
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