You get 4 kinds of live classes, plus a huge video library so that you can watch any time

Beginner Interactive Training Class

This class helps you create your own home practice to relieve stress, neck pain and headaches.

Why a home practice? Because you can't be tied down to having to watch videos to show you what to do.

I will show you the 5 elements that you need to include in your home practice. You get to choose which pose works for your body within each element.

Meditation for Migraine

Meditation is a powerful tool to help you rewire your nervous system.
It's the foundation of recovery from adrenal fatigue and chronic stress, because you intentionally shift your body into parasympathetic, or recovery mode.

And there are biohacking tools that monitor your body to make sure you're doing it the right way.

Learn what
works for you.

MeYoW Yoga

to heal at the level of the mind as well as the body.

This practice is:
one part MEditation
one part YOga
and one part Words (bring your journal)

(PS... Cat not required!)

Restorative Yoga

This is not a work out... it's a work-in.

Sometimes we need to hold poses longer, light up some candles, and release the stress of the day.

And restoratives are my go-to poses during a headache. Yep, I get migraines too! And yoga was the first thing that worked for me, other than prescriptions.

That's why I became a yoga teacher ~ so that I could share these incredible tools with other headache sufferers.

Free Sample Class: The Neck can be Such a pain in the Neck!

Start Healing Now!

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Frequently Ask Questions

When are the live classes?

Tuesday at 4 pm MST / 6 pm EST. And if you can't make the live, no worries! All of the classes are recorded, and you can watch them any time. There are dozens of videos for you to choose from.

Do I have to have experience with yoga to take this course?

Nope! The Interactive Workshop class is an all-levels class, and it's specifically designed to help you find the poses that fit your body.

I've tried meditation, and my brain can't do it

I know, right?! It's a learned skill. But it's an absolutely essential skill to master in order to activate the healing your body already knows how to do. There are thousands of studies showing that certain kinds of meditation help rewire a chronic migraine brain back to normal. We'll help you get there!

I've tried yoga when I have a migraine, and it just makes it worse

EXACTLY!! I used to have that same experience. You can't go to a regular studio yoga class with a headache - the class usually increases intracranial pressure and makes it worse.

That's why I got my yoga teacher training certification, so I can teach people the way to use yoga and meditation as an actual *treatment* for migraines, even when the pain is severe.

I want to take your Migraine Relief Code™ Online Course. Is this part of it?

Yep! You get access to the YAMM Course as part of the MRC Online Course. The MRC Online Course is a more comprehensive program that has been shown to cut headaches by 57% in 3 months using functional medicine and biohacking tools. Check it out here:
Click Here
to learn more about the Migraine Relief Code Online Course

I have a question not answered here

All righty, just shoot us an email at:
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