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“3 Brain Health Supplements Worth the Extra Pill”

Never has a client said, I love taking supplements. Frequently I’ve heard, but I eat healthy and choose to get my nutrients from food.

And I get it. However, wow in 2022 that can be a challenge. I did ask my guest, neurologist, Dr. Amelia Scott Barrett, MD about these and so much more. If you want to know from a brain standpoint the amounts of various nutrients recommended and hear why those labs telling you you’re in the normal range may not be a reason to sigh relief just yet… tune in.

Questions we answer in this episode:
05:52 Does the brain need different nutrients than other organs?
08:10 Let’s describe optimal brain health, function, mood, cognition… how does the brain work?
10:56 What is a junk food diet from the brain’s standpoint?
14:30 What are your thoughts specifically on organ meats?
16:15 What is the effect of fasting on the brain?
18:06 Where is the most brain benefit happening – what fasting window?
19:40 Do supplements affect the neurotransmitters that occur naturally in the brain?
25:57 What are the most common symptoms people get from a deficiency of vitamins important for the brain?
27:32 B12 “norms” or is there an optimal level that you want to share?
29:16 Can we get adequate nutrients from food?


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