Migraine Relief Code™ Online Course

Learn to heal your brain and cut your headaches in half in 12 weeks

Dr. Amelia Barrett is a Stanford-trained Neurologist who has guided thousands of people toward their goal of migraine freedom.

The Online Course

After years as a Neurologist, I had a moment of clarity as I was handing a patient a prescription for yet another migraine medication... which I knew wasn't going to work. I knew that the real answer was to help her heal.

The advances in Neuroscience and Functional Medicine have shown us how to do that. So I created a 12-week online course to bring these incredibly effective tools directly to you.

Each week, the Course shows you the next step in our proven 4-step process to show you how to Reboot Your Brain:

1. REVEAL which nutrients your brain needs to thrive

2. REVITALIZE with brain-healthy food and supplements

3. REMOVE toxins from your brain

4. REWIRE your brain to healthy pain processing pathways

Here's What Some of Our Graduates Wanted To Share!

"FYI, I am on a two week streak with no headaches, and I will be forever grateful to you for the new life I am now living. After trying what I thought was everything in the book, and trust me I've gone through many books, the solution I was looking for was your MRC Course. I can't thank you enough!"

Holly R.

"I'm not entirely sure what I believe spiritually/religiously but anecdotally from my experiences, the universe puts us with the right people at the right times. So I really mean it when I say I appreciate you and the role you play here. I don't think I would be in this place of wellness without you."

Jess P.

"This course has been amazing and life-changing! My S.O. said yesterday that I have been transformed. I no longer worry about my migraines and focus on the fear of having one. When I have one, I use the tools and self-treat with much faster relief! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Sara C.

"I have learned so much through this course and I am in a completely different place now as compared to 10 weeks ago. For the last ten days, I have not had a single headache or used any rescue meds. At the beginning of the course I was in 24X7 vestibular migraines for months."

David P.

Watch as Alyssa Shares Her Powerful Transformation Over 12 Weeks

In addition to the Course, you also get weekly live zoom calls to show you new skills

Weekly Office Hours

"Office Hours Zoom Call" with Dr. Barrett. This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn from the expert.

Yoga and Meditation for Migraine

Dr. B leads migraine-specific yoga and meditation to relieve muscle tension and rewire your brain.

Brain Save Kitchen

Join Julie Olson, Functional Nutritionist each week to learn how to heal your brain through food.

Breathwork for Pain and Stress Release

Jessica Thurman, Certified Breathwork Facilitator will show you how to shift your nervous system out of chronic fight or flight so your brain can heal.

Plus... a private Strategy Session with Dr. Barrett

You and Dr. Barrett will co-create a personalized plan so that you know exactly what to do to get results fast.

And also... Individual Health Coaching

Our Health Coach Jessica works with you by email, text, and through an app to make sure you stay on track to reaching your goals

Added Bonuses:

Lifetime access to a private Facebook group exclusively for students and graduates

Lifetime 20% discounts on supplements at Fullscript.com

Free Zoom Access to Guest Speaker Interviews

Members-only discounts to our retreats

Check Out How This Student Tracked Her Progress throughout the Course!

"Dr. Barrett,

Please find my attached report from migraine buddy! This past month was my best in a long time even though I'm usually so much worse without the botox. I'm so glad I did this program, I learned so much and I'm glad I got a chance to connect with you and a great community! Thanks for everything!"

How would your life change if you cut your headache days in half?

One of these Testimonials could be YOURS!

"Dr. Barrett, everything in your Ebook speaks to me and how I have been treating the migraines since starting your program almost one year ago. I know that it has given me a new way of life, approaching each day to feel better if I do the work! Learning about Migraines and how to treat them without meds was crucial for me. Proper diet, yoga, sleep, and breathing exercises have been amazing. I would recommend your program to anyone who’s looking for a new healing experience with Migraine."

George M.

The key for me was actually 3 things: First Awareness. If you don’t know about it, you can’t try it! Second monitor your progress to assess what works, what doesn’t. It’s not a one size fits all approach. I really like that you make us reflect on discoveries and it was helpful to learn from other patients as well. Third accept it’s a bumpy ride. There’s setbacks sometimes because you can’t control everything at all times (hello hormones, stress and pandemic…) but I don’t feel hopeless anymore and I have the tools to fight back when migraine episodes are creeping back in. During the program, I felt supported and understood. It meant a lot to me to have people who could relate to my struggle and know what to say in hard times."

Virginie B.

"First, I'm a person who loves digging deeper into staying healthy. Migraines have been with me for almost 50 years and have always stunted my path to optimal health. For the first time ever I really feel like I have a handle on them. I love this whole body awareness approach, from brain health, hydration, sleep, limiting/eliminating triggers, anti-inflammatory foods, and listening to my body. Am I perfect at all of this? No, but I'm so much better than I was before. This course has definitely raised my awareness to everything that I needed."

Mary R.

I'm finally on the right track to having concrete tools to improve my quality of life. I feel empowered that I now understand how my nervous system, digestive system, and overall lifestyle choices are affecting the intensity and frequency of my headaches. I have been given back control of my life and have started enjoying it again. This past week we took my dad to a WWII air show, went mini-golfing, and strawberry picking! With my new lifestyle, I was able to make it through the extremely hot temperatures and bright sunshine that would usually trigger a migraine. It was so nice not to have to miss out on a family outing or cut it short due to a migraine!"

Dana P.