Here's the 4-Step Reboot Your Brain Protocol that shows you how to find and fix the root causes of your headaches so that you can recover from headaches instead of just covering them up. 


REVEAL what you need with genetic testing and functional lab testing to get to the root cause of your headaches


REVITALIZE your brain health with food and nutraceuticals


REMOVE toxins through gut health and effective detox protocols


REWIRE your nervous system back to normal

In addition to the Online Course, you'll also get...

DNA Testing

Get the Owner's Manual to your brain with genetic testing focused on actionable genes like the ones for inflammation, detox, hormones, sleep, and mood.

Value: Priceless

Private Zoom Coaching with Dr. Barrett

Ask questions.
Make changes.

Value: $6500


20% discount on precision nutraceuticals targeted to your unique needs. You still get the discount, even when your program is over.

Average Savings: $1200/year

Health Coaching, Breathwork, and Heart Math Training

Jessica will help you keep the commitment that you've made to your health, and teach you evidence-based ways to shift the nervous system into healing.

Value: $1800

Yoga and Meditation for Migraine Course

Dr. B shows you how to use ancient tools to solve modern problems including neck pain and stress.

Value: $550

Heart Math Device and Training

Learn to put your brain into coherence so that you can rewire the brain out of the chronification caused by frequent headaches.

Value: $450

Detox and Leaky Gut Protocols

Learn exactly how to get toxins out of your body and your brain.

Value: $550

One Year Free Access to a Biofeedback App

Specifically designed to bring biofeedback out of the office and into your hands.

Value: $100

Food as Medicine

Weekly meal plans including grocery list.

Value: $450

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this covered by insurance?

The labs are covered by insurance, but insurance does not cover education or genetic testing

How much time will it take every week?

Most students spend 1-3 hours per week watching videos and implementing the recommendations.

How is this different from working with my neurologist?

It's completely different. MRC is an education and coaching program that shows you how to biohack your headaches using the latest scientific advances in brain healing research. Your doctor will continue to work with you as usual to optimize your medications.

Can I use HSA/Flex funds?


I think I already know all of this

There is no other program like this.  This is a proprieatry fusion of conventional Neurology, functional medicine, and ancient Ayurvedic teachings. 

I've tried supplements, and they didn't work for me

As a wise woman once said... "You are probably sitting on more than one tack; if you take one out, you are still sitting on a tack." (translation: taking supplements fixed one problem, but there are many more problems to be fixed before you feel better)
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