How to Use Breathwork to Reduce Migraines: Breathwork Online Course

The powerful practice of Breathwork has been used therapeutically for thousands of years.

Inside this course you will safely learn a whole new set of tools for relieving your headache pain, empowering you with the ability to shift your nervous system to reduce chronic stress and anxiety, improve sleep, increase self awareness, and so much more - without a prescription!

We emphasize the strategies that have been confirmed by thousands of scientific studies, and we also honor ancient techniques.

Guided by Jessica Thurman, Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Mindfulness Coach, and Board Certified Holistic Health Coach for Migraine Relief Code.

Start healing now!


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Live Breathwork Zooms for Pain and Stress Release

Wednesdays at 6 pm MST/

8pm EST

During our live sessions we will begin with transformational teachings on topics such as self awareness, mindset, holistic pain management, healing through sound, stress reduction, grounding techniques, breathwork for sleep, and so much more. You will then be guided through an experiential session that will shift your nervous system and promote deep healing.

Breathwork Zoom Call Recordings

The Breathwork course includes recordings of the past four weeks of zoom calls so if you can't make the live, you can watch the recording whenever it works for you.

You ALSO get access to our library of Meditative Breathwork videos, so you are learning new content and techniques to empower you for the rest of your life.

Meet your Breathwork Facilitator, Jessica Thurman

Jessica has been a Certified Holistic Health Coach for over a decade. She is also a Certified Breathwork and Trauma Release Facilitator, and Mindfulness Coach. Jessica has a passion for mind, body, spirit wellness and believes that everyone has an innate healing ability, as you connect to breath, quiet the mind, and tap into your true nature.

"It is an honor to guide you along your healing journey in body, mind, and heart."

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What if I can't make it to the live zoom at that time?

A: No worries! All of the classes are recorded, and you can watch them any time. In addition, you get access to our library of Breathwork videos, which include Meditative Breathwork, Healing Sound, Guided Self Massage, Visualization, and hours of transformational teachings in addition to experiential sessions.

Q: Do I have to have experience with Breathwork and Meditation to take this course?

A: Nope! The sessions are guided by a Certified Breathwork Facilitator who will safely instruct you every step of the way.

We will begin each session with 10-15 minutes of teaching and then spend the rest of the time going through various meditative breathwork techniques to calm your nervous system and give you the tools so that you can implement these techniques into your daily life.

Q: I've tried Breathwork and Meditation, and I have a hard time sticking with it.

A: I know, right?! It's a learned skill. But it's an absolutely essential skill to master in order to activate the healing your body already knows how to do. There are thousands of studies showing that certain kinds of breathwork and meditation help rewire a chronic migraine brain back to normal. We'll help you get there!

Q: I've tried Breathwork when I have a migraine, and it just makes it worse.

A: We know exactly what you mean so we've created this course just for you! There are many different types of breathing techniques out there and some of them can stimulate the nervous system in a way that makes headaches worse. However, during this course we only incorporate breathing techniques that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) to take you into a relaxed state, calming the mind/body, releasing pain and tension, and bringing you into a state where healing can take place. Remember, healing happens when we shift our nervous system away from chronic fight or flight and into a relaxed, parasympathetic state.

Q: I want to take your Migraine Relief Code Online Course. Is this part of it?

A: Yep! You get access to the Breathwork Course as part of the MRC Online Course. The MRC Online Course is a more comprehensive program that has been shown to cut headaches by 57% in 3 months without meds. Woo-hoo! Check it out here:

Q: I have a question not answered here.

A: All righty, just shoot us an email at:

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